Social Work

The 2004 9.0 magnitude earthquake in India led to a tsunami hit in the Northern coasts of Malaysia. Raymond’s eyes were open to the relief work done in Kuala Muda, Kedah where he provided food aid and essentials every month for a year.

Here, he was inspired to help the poor via Community Development and initiated the following programs in Kedah:

  • Provided essential food and home supplies and emotional support to 50 Tsunami-hit families at Kampung Paya, Kota Kuala Muda, Kedah from January 2005 to end of 2006.
  • Started reading centre, Teratak Sinar at Kuala Muda, with the help of start up funds from Body Shop Foundation (UK) and of; to benefit children living in the rural area by moulding characters & making learning resources accessible.


Social Work provides safe & conducive space for needy students to study with air-conditioned reading, computer & recreational rooms. Social Work started Bilik Bacaan, Inspirasi KL, in January 2005. It was set up to benefit poor & needy children in the neighborhood. Activities offered include food sharing, outing, youth & children clubs, music & art classes, educational tours, football.

Single mothers

Seek to provide a peaceful haven for mothers & children, empower & equip single mothers to be self-sufficient, give financial, practical & emotional support to victims of abuse & neglect. Started 3rd reading centre, incorporating a consultation and counseling service for vulnerable women in Johor Bahru, with main funding from a foundation in the Netherlands, some Hong Kong sponsors.

Disaster & relief development

Social Work has also had its hand in disaster & relief development. Social Work works to provide financial, practical assistance in case of sudden disasters, healthcare & counselling to victims. Social Work has rendered help and assistance to some 50 Tsunami hit families in Kg. Paya, Kuala Muda 2004 and more than 70 flood hit families affected by the double flood in Muar, Johor in January 2007.


Social Work also organizes education/information awareness & counselling sessions, support groups, training / skills building workshops like computer and English classes, shelter for men & women affected & infected by HIV /AIDS, empower & equip PLHA. Social Work started a HIV/AIDS IEC Centre* at Central Market in October 2006 to reach out to PLHIV and conduct awareness workshops. Social Work conducted awareness workshops for 40 youths at Kuala Muda & facilitated awareness workshops for 50 young women for MIC women’s wing, Rawang. *The IEC Centre has since been closed due to landlord discomfort with PLHIV.

Feeding program

Other activities include feeding program and birthday bashes for poor and homeless. Celebrating festive occasions for the poor. Once a month, birthday celebrations are organized for the homeless in the streets of Kuala Lumpur.