Suhakam panel visits Koh’s abduction scene after refused sketch by cops

3rd Nov 2017

Mah said this after police observers had objected to a request from Koh’s family lawyers for Supari Mohammad – the lead officer probing Koh’s abduction – to produce sketch plans made of the scene.

“I can go to the scene with my colleagues, find house no 19, no 72, look at the road, we will find the place,” said Mah in reference to two houses located along Jalan SS4B/10 where Koh was abducted by a group of masked men on Feb 13.

The inquiry previously heard that police had acquired CCTV footages from the two houses as a part of their investigations into Koh’s disappearance.

“I leave it to you officers. But I urge you to please take instructions from the Attorney-General’s Chambers and land on some reasonable position,” Mah stressed.

He also proposed for the police to invite an AGC representative to attend future hearing sessions in order to resolve any concerns with regard to submission of classified documents.

“Let them (AGC) take whatever issues raised here and they can immediately respond if that’s the case.

“Because while the case is ongoing, this phrase – investigation is ongoing – can be convenient for anyone to come to the inquiry and use it, and put everything on hold. The way we are going, we are running in circles,” Mah said.

He earlier pointed out that this was the third time in five hearing sessions that the police had turned down requests for documents, including video footages, an investigation diary and the sketch plan today.

After a brief deliberation, Mah said the panel will personally visit the crime scene this afternoon.

“We will visit the scene. We will go see the houses…I don’t have the plan. So I will bring my tape if necessary to measure the width of the road and so on.

“You see how ridiculous this is going to be but if that is what needs to be done, we will do it,” he said.

In making the request, the panel said details including sketch plans and records of investigation would help them to fulfil the inquiry’s term of reference, on actions by the police with regards to Koh’s abduction and disappearance of three others.

Police observers present had repeatedly argued that their investigation documents are classified and requested the Suhakam panel to make a formal application to the AGC before any document could be submitted as evidence.

Site visit

The Suhakam inquiry panel members, lawyers, together with Supari and Koh’s family members, arrived at the scene about 4pm and spent 30 minutes revisiting the various sites referred to during the hearing.

Their first stop was at the main road, along which Koh’s abduction took place and Supari identified the location where CCTV footages had shown seven vehicles involved in what was described in the hearing as a “well-organised operation.”

He also pointed to the roadside where shattered glass was found, believed to be from Koh’s missing Honda Accord.

The team also took a closer look at house number 19 and no 72, on opposite sides of the main road, where CCTV footages of the incident were retrieved.

The hearing will resume its sixth day hearing on Nov 13.

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