Probe on Pastor Koh’s disappearance focused more on alleged proselytisation of Muslims, says investigating officer

14th Nov 2017

“I needed to focus (on my investigation), which is why my investigation was geared towards that. I moved away from the ransom angle when I found that was not the case,” ASP Supari Muhammad told a public inquiry by the Human Rights Commission of Malaysia (Suhakam) into the disappearance of Pastor Raymond Koh, social activist Amri Che Mat, Pastor Joshua Hilmi and his wife Ruth Sitepu.

The inquiry is being held under Section 12(1) of the Human Rights Commission of Malaysia Act.

When questioned by lawyers representing the Koh family whether 70 to 80 percent of the probe was about the alleged proselytisation of Muslims, ASP Supari agreed that it was.

The probe into the disappearance of the 62-year-old Koh was conducted on three separate occasions on Feb 13, 14 and 16.

However, he clarified that he also asked about debts, bank details, and Koh’s activities as well.

“That is when I found out Koh was involved in an issue with the Selangor Islamic Religious Department,” he said.

Supari also addressed claims made by Koh’s family that they were not given regular updates on the case but would hear about the latest news only through the media.

“Of course, I’m not going to give all the information as the case is still ongoing. I give what I can,” he said.

During the inquiry, Supari also clarified that his earlier statement saying that the CCTV at Jalan Bahagia was not functioning was not true.

“The CCTV had recordings but there was nothing of the incident. The task force told me it was negative so I thought it was not working. But it was working, just that it did not capture the suspect(s) who passed the area and we did not find the vehicle,” he said.

On Monday (Nov 13), ASP Supari claimed that he was unable to obtain footage on the exit roads taken by the CCTV cameras as it was faulty.

The panel of inquiry consists of commissioners Datuk Mah Weng Kwai as chairman, Prof Datuk Dr Aishah Bidin and Dr Nik Salida Suhaila Nik Saleh.

Koh was abducted from his car by a group of men along Jalan SS4B/10 in Petaling Jaya at about 11am on Feb 13 while on his way to a friend’s house

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