Prayers at missing pastor’s 1st anniversary focus on Suhakam inquiry

14th Feb 2018

THE first anniversary of missing pastor Raymond Koh was marked with prayers last night, which focused on the resumption of the Human Rights Commission of Malaysia’s (Suhakam) public inquiry into his disappearance.

The 200-odd people at the Evangelical Free Church in Petaling Jaya said the inquiry can provide the answers to Koh’s abduction.

Evangelical Free Church chairman pastor David Low said the main focus of the prayers was on the quick resumption of the Suhakam inquiry.

“We want to see the Suhakam inquiry come to a conclusion. With the 12 days they had spent and with so much already done, the conclusion is still hanging in the air. There must be a proper closure to this,” he told The Malaysian Insight after the service.

The church hall last night was filled with church-goers, family members and friends.

Low said their prayers are for Koh to be found safe and reunited with his family.

“That is our main desire as the family are looking forward to seeing him with Chinese New Year around the corner. This is the pain they are feeling.”

Koh’s family are his wife Susanna Liew, son Jonathan, 33, and daughters Esther, 32, and Elizabeth, 22.

He was abducted in Petaling Jaya last year by about 15 men in three black SUVs. The abduction, which took place during the day, was said to be well coordinated.

Suhakam started a public inquiry into his disappearance in October with the aim to determine whether Koh’s abduction, as well as the disappearance of three others in 2016, are cases of enforced disappearances carried out by the state.

The inquiry was suspended last month after police announced that they had charged a suspect with Koh’s kidnapping.

This development shocked the family as the accused, Lam Chang Nam, who was charged with extortion last year, had been cleared of kidnapping Koh.

Damansara Utama Methodist Church founding senior pastor Daniel Ho said they are praying for the truth to be revealed.

“We want the Suhakam inquiry to resume as it was just stopped like that. We all want to know the truth. We want to push them to find what had happened,” he said.

Ho who knew Koh for over 30 years said he was a good and humble person who always helped the marginalised.

“We will still continue to hold on. We are all law-abiding citizens and for someone to disappear like that is not right.”

Lawyer Kenny Ng said they are hopeful and are also realistic until there is closure in this case.

“We still have hope unless there is evidence to the contrary. The prayers also focused that the inquiry will resume because it was stopped at a crucial time.” – February 14, 2018.

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