Police have no clue if missing pastor dead or alive, Suhakam inquiry told

16th Nov 2017

ASP Supari Muhammad, who took the stand again today as the hearing entered its ninth day, said Koh’s abduction was likely the work of extremists.

Suhakam commissioner Mah Weng Kwai had asked Supari for his considered opinion on Koh’s case, based on what the police knew so far.

Mah also asked Supari if the police had any idea if Koh was still alive.

“No idea,” Supari replied.

Supari told the panel police also did not know if Koh was in or out of the country.

Mah then asked Supari if there was any evidence to show that the cases of four missing Malaysians, including Koh, were linked.

Supari replied in the negative. “I look at the Koh case and it’s an abduction. The other cases are missing persons.”

Police observers asked Supari if he, as the investigating officer in the case, had requested for assistance.

The observers also asked him if he knew what the other police departments were doing in regard to the probes.

“I’m not sure what the other departments are doing,” says Supari.

“I’m continuously working on the case. If there is new information, I will follow up on it.”

Koh family lawyer, Steven Thiru asked Supari if he knew whether Koh was in police custody.

“Your statement is that you don’t know what the other departments are doing in the Koh investigation.

“Do you know if Koh is currently in police custody?”

Supari said that he was not sure and that as far as he knew, Koh was not in custody.

Suhakam has set up the inquiry to determine if Koh’s abduction and the disappearance of Pastor Joshua Hilmy, his wife, Ruth, and social activist Amri Che Mat are cases of enforced disappearance, a term for abductions carried out with the authorisation or support of the state or a political organisation

Suhakam commissioner Mah chairs the panel made up of Aishah Bidin and Dr Nik Salida Suhaila Nik Saleha, both also Suhakam commissioners. – November 16, 2017.


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