Pastor’s wife breaks down when asked about death threat

20th Oct 2017

SUHAKAM HEARING | The Human Rights Commission (Suhakam) public hearing on the disappearances of several activists and social workers took a 15-minute break today after one of the witnesses broke into tears.

Susanna Liew, wife of the missing pastor Raymond Koh, was being fielded questions regarding her reaction after Koh received a death threat in 2011, and started sobbing thereafter.

“That morning I remember I cried when I called my friend, because I felt it was getting dangerous. I even thought of migrating to Australia but my husband loves this country. He wanted to stay in Malaysia.

“So, we left the house temporarily. We stayed in another place for two months. A friend of ours let us stay at his place,” she said between sobs.

The hearing then adjourned from about 11am until 11.15am, after which the hearing resumed with Liew’s testimony.

The death threat was delivered to Koh’s and Liew’s home on Aug 23, 2011, and comprised a package containing two bullets and a strongly worded letter.

This followed a raid by Selangor Islamic Religious Department (Jais) on Koh’s charity Harapan Komuniti on Aug 3 the same year, over allegations that Koh was proselytising to Muslims.

– Mkini

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