Panel Investigating Pastor Koh’s Abduction Wants AGC Rep To Sit For Inquiry

3rd Nov 2017

Human Rights Commission of Malaysia’s (Suhakam) commissioner Datuk Mah Weng Kwai (pix), who chaired the inquiry into Koh’s abduction, said this would expedite the inquiry and ensure instant resolutions to any questions.

Mah said this after a witness, senior investigating officer ASP Supari Mohammad declined to provide his sketch plan of the location where Koh’s kidnapping took place, claiming that it was classified and investigation was ongoing.

A police observer from the Bukit Aman legal department then asked that the inquiry make an official request and write to the AGC if there were any classified documents that it wanted.

Mah however noted that even in previous sittings of the inquiry, police witnesses have rejected the panel’s request for CCTV footage, investigation diary and pictures of the location.

“It would be useful and appreciated if all witnesses could provide us information which could be useful in this inquiry.

“I think it is better if a representative of the AGC could come along and join us in the future. Let them take whatever issues raised here and they can immediately respond if that’s the case.

“Because while the case is ongoing, this phrase – investigation is ongoing – can be convenient for anyone to come to the inquiry and use it, and put everything on hold. The way we are going is we are running in circles,” Mah said.

On the morning of Feb 13, Koh was kidnapped by a group of masked men in SS4, Kelana Jaya, with CCTV footage showing seven vehicles forcing Koh’s car to a stop before abducting him and driving his car away.

– theSun

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