It’s Time for Malaysian Government to Explain Pastor’s Disappearance

16th Oct 2019

Susanna Koh sent her husband off to work on Feb. 13, 2017, just like any other day. She hasn’t seen him since. It’s time — actually way past time — for Malaysia’s government to explain what happened.

Pastor Raymond Koh had been threatened before the day he was abducted. Several years ago, someone mailed him a box of bullets to let him know that his Christian ministry activities were being noticed. But it wasn’t bullets that made him disappear that sunny February day. According to Malaysia’s own Human Rights Commission, it was the Special Branch (intelligence unit) of the police.

The entire abduction was caught on a nearby security camera. While the police somehow overlooked this important video during their “investigation,” Pastor Raymond’s children discovered its existence while going door to door trying to learn what happened to their father. The abduction — you can watch it here — took less than 40 seconds. It was clearly a well-rehearsed, precise operation involving at least 13 men and five vehicles.


~CBN News, Todd Nettleton