Inquiry: Student saw incident where Pastor Koh was taken

19th Oct 2017

KUALA LUMPUR: A chambering student told the inquiry into the disappearance of Pastor Raymond Koh that he had “stumbled” upon the abduction while he and a friend were driving to a crematorium on Feb 13.

Roeshan Celestine Gomez, 25, said he first saw three black big cars surrounding a silver car in SS4 Petaling Jaya that day. There were several men wearing masks and were covered from head to toe in black, said Gomez.

Gomez said he then saw a struggle between one of the men and the driver of the silver car, adding that the windscreen of the silver car was smashed.

He said his friend who was sitting next to him had pulled out her handphone to record the incident when an Indian man approached them and stood in front of their car.

“I reversed my car but he continued to come at us,” Gomez said at the inquiry held by the Human Rights Commission of Malaysia (Suhakam) on Thursday morning.

Koh, 62, was reportedly taken from his car by a group of men along Jalan SS4B/10 on Feb 13 while on his way to a friend’s house.

His silver-coloured car bearing the number plate ST5515D has not been found.

Gomez said he saw another man who was also recording the incident with a handphone and there were a few motorcyclists circling the scene.

He said the whole group later then drove away taking with them the silver car.

Gomez said after the incident was over, he saw shattered glass on the road.

He said he and his friend headed to the crematorium and later made a police report at the Kelana Jaya police station.

The inquiry also viewed purported video clips of the incident.

Suhakam commissioner Datuk Mah Weng Kwai, who chaired the inquiry, said it was neither a criminal nor a civil trial.

The inquiry, conducted as per Section 12(1) of the Human Rights Commission Malaysia Act, also covers the disappearance of social activist Amri Che Mat, Pastor Joshua Hilmi and his wife, Ruth Sitepu.

The terms of reference for the inquiry were to determine whether these were cases of enforced disappearances or involuntary disappearances in breach of criminal, civil law or applicable human rights laws.

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Source from The Star Online