Identity of DUMC raid complainant not revealed to cops, Jais officer tells inquiry

17th Nov 2017

The raid occurred back then during a programme organised by the now-missing pastor Raymond Koh,.

Jais officer Zaaba Zakaria, who led the 2011 raid, said that he did not disclose the name of the complainant against the programme to the police during questioning after Koh was abducted in a van on Feb 13 this year.

He said that the cops also did not request for the complaint document received by Jais when they accompanied the religious authorities conducting a raid at DUMC in 2011.

“I did not tell the police (regarding the complainant),” he said when questioned during the Human Rights Commission of Malaysia (Suhakam) Inquiry into the case of four missing persons, including Koh, here today.

Zaaba also said he could not recall the police ever asking him for the identity of the person who lodged the complaint that led to the raid.

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Jais raided DUMC was under suspicion of proselytisation but the case was not pursued due to lack of evidence.

Zaaba said during a briefing to police officers at the Petaling Jaya district police headquarters hours before the raid, he did not produce the complaint document to the police before they accompanied Jais for the raid.

Asked by Koh’s family lawyer Steven Thiru if he would reveal the identity of the complainant if asked again by the police in the future, Zaaba said he would have to refer the matter to his superiors.

He proceeded to say that the “safety” of the complainant could be a factor in hiding the identity of the complainant from the police.

Steven later explained that the issue was important to determine if the police knew identity of the complainant for the Jais raid and that the individual has been ruled out as a person of interest in investigating Koh’s abduction.

The inquiry, which concluded its 10th day of hearing today, is investigating the disappearance and abductions of Koh, Perlis activist Amri Che Mat, Pastor Joshua Hilmi and his wife Ruth Hilmi.